All of our filters are handcrafted and made in Great Britain, please allow up to 2 weeks at present for delivery • For more information please call Neil on (01623) 24 24 24 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

The Pipefilter


Ultimate Boiler Protection!

Welcome to Johnson Magnetic Filters we design and manufacture what we feel are the most compact, reliable, serviceable and best performing central heating magnetic filters on the market. They are "simply the best."

Pipefilter Pro-Max Magnetic Central Heating Filter

Copper & Brass: Doseable/Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Heating Filter with a stainless steel mesh barrier - Ultimate Boiler Protection

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Pipefilter Pro Magnetic Central Heating Filter

Copper & Brass: Magnetic Heating Filter (Slimline)

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Towelmag Magnetic Central Heating Filter

Stainless Steel: Towel Warmer/Rail Magnetic Heating Filter (ideal for new build homes/static homes, or DIY easy-fit filtration)

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These images clearly show how smart the Pro-Series filters really are. They can be easily dosed with lower costing liquids, and will filter 100% of all non-magnetic debris above 3mm. Performance wise they will take a much higher pressure and temperature than any plastic filter!

Our unique in-line and protected designs demonstrate how compact and practical the Pro-Series filters really are. Most plastic filters tend to look more bulky, less easy on the eye and have a tendency to twist and rotate. Don't you just love finding and then pulling on the big plastic spanner and watching the plastic body flex in disbelief, when it just won't open!

As you can see the Pro-Series filter takes up much less space they are reliable, quick and easy to fit and clean. Our filters are very strong and rigid and do not require extra pipe clips for support unlike other flexible filters. All of our filters are handcrafted, made in Great Britain and are supplied with a 25 year warranty!