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  • Central Heating Filter by Johnson 22mm x 375mm Black

Johnson Magnetic Heating Filter 220 Black

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1.50 KGS
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Product Description

Johnson Magnetic Heating Filter - The Pipefilter Pro-Series 220 Black (380mm long)

The Pipefilter Pro-Series 220 Black - 22mm

Johnson magnetic central heating filters have beenn designed to catch lots of sub micron steel sludge, we are so confident of all our fine build quality and trusted reliable materials that we supply every one with a 7yr guarantee, they represent unbeatable value for money and are the smartest looking development in the evolution of magnetic heating system filtration and boiler protection. 

Each unit is deburred, cleaned and soldered by hand using tradtional trusted plumbing techniques in our little workshop, they are crafted for customers seeking a more slimline design, combined with trusted copper and brass for better reliability, and fantastic value for money.

They ideally suit councils, housing associations and landlords looking for decades of trusted reliability combined with the best value for money and performance to depend on. 

The magnet housings are made from premium quality copper and brass, the magnetic elements are powered by many rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets (NeFeB) encased within a stainless steel laser welded and sealed pipe of 220mm long, as typically used in the food processing industry.  Our magnet suppliers have over 50 years magnetic material sourcing and build experience, they are a blue chip company who supply the motor trade, food industry and medical world.

The total length of the filter is 375mm and approx 330mm of pipe is removed for a super quick and very simple installation.

To fit the filter remove approx 230mm of 22mm pipe for the 120 model and 330mm for the 220 model. The total length of each filter is 275mm and 375mm respectively.

When fitting the filters to clipped wall pipe runs, a 6mm offset is required or add a 10mm spacer/cut piece of pipe under the clip,

You can add a Buildcert approved rust inhibitor into the cut pipe, or a towel rad, turn the rad off and syphon off 1 litre using manometer pipe or loosen a valve fitting etc. Call for advice on dosing options if you need any help.

The ends of each of the magnetic elements are not magnetic, this is to allow water to flow in, and out of the units, the magnetic flux field width and design has been specifically engineered and calculated to prevent blockages occuring and have been fully tested. The fully loaded magnetic elements are approx 32mm in diameter and the internal bore is 39.6mm, this leaves a cross sectional area of 525mm sq.

The valves on a standard domestic central heating boiler are around 16 -18mm bore diameter or 200-254mm sq csa. The free flow c.s.a of the smallest magnet element washer is 410mm sq, they will not block or restrict flow, please take a look at the fully loaded magnet in the video.

Our filters are truely in-line and can take very high temperatures and pressures, fit them in either the flow or return, they are also fully protected at the I.P.O. by many registered designs.

They can be fitted in a vertical or horizontal plane and are quick and easy to fit and clean, the brass on brass joints will always be easy to loosen when cleaning is due. To clean the filters, simply close the valves, remove the drain valve and loosen off the top valve nut first if fitted vertically, if fitted horizontally the unit can be loosened and rotated slightly to aid draining down. Clean the filter out annually, when the heating water is cool, ideally when the boiler is being serviced.

To clean the element rotate the copper magnet housing slowly and the element will fall out into your hand, place a plastic bag over the element and grasp around the rod at the top and draw the bag and dirt down the element and into the bag. Rinse the housing, rubber washers and magnet assembly then re-assemble, refit the bleed nipple.

For extra peace of mind they are suppled with a 7 year guarantee and registration card, they represent unbeatable value for money.
Pump type grips are ideal for fitting and cleaning.

You can have your money back if your'e not satisfied with any filter, you have nothing to loose and lots to gain.



All filter units carry a "No quibble 30 day money back guarantee" to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase, we know that you will be more than happy!

Merchants keep telling me they won't stock them they are made too well! It's a no brainer... 

Product Reviews

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  1. total breakthrough

    Posted by Brian Silcock on 13th Oct 2015

    Well done- what an invention- no leaks no messing and no breakdown of the plastics used.


    Posted by Paul Roberts on 13th Aug 2015

    A well designed product, simple to install, a quality engineered solution to remove iron oxide from central heating system. Highly recommended.

  3. Quality product

    Posted by Peter Jones on 12th Jan 2015

    Followed the instructions and was up and running in no time at all, cut the measured section out of the return pipework and that was the hardest bit, the rest is just bolt together. All the fittings are quality and made to last with no plastic to warp, degrade or damage the threads. The magnet is the best ever and in a few weeks it picked up more debris than my existing plastic bodied filter/magnet of a well known brand has picked up in 3 months. Don't waste money on inferior alternatives fit the best, fit a Johnson magnetic filter.

  4. center heating filter

    Posted by Balinder Singh on 19th Dec 2014

    This filter is very good. Because of made of brass. Not like of others made of plastic.

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