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Installation & Cleaning

Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Johnson Pipefilter.
Following the instructions below will ensure the product
performs as specified.

There are two Pipefilter models the Pro 120 (275mm) and the Pro 220 (375mm)
both are available in black or white giving you a choice of 4
options, they are all provided with Altecnic butterfly ball valves suitable
for connecting to 22mm copper pipe.

Step 1

Isolate the boiler and drain down the heating system. 

Step 2

Remove approx 240mm (Pro 120) or 340mm for the
(Pro 220) model of copper pipe from the cooler return

They can be fitted in the flow pipework if neccessary and
can be fitted both vertically or horizontally, offsets or street
elbows can be used if pipework is grouped together for
easier cleaning.

Step 3

Fasten the valves to the pipework handles facing upwards on a
horizontal run and fasten pointing towards you on a vertical
run. Tighten the four connections and ensure the valves are
fully open. Check the drain valve is
closed (do not overtighten)

Step 4

Add rust inhibitor into any open pipework, header tank,
radiator or ideally a vertical bathroom towel radiator.

Step 5

Fill and bleed the system and radiators as normal
check the filter for leaks.

Cleaning Instructions

To clean the filter, which must be done annually!
(Ideally at the same time as your boiler service) we
recommend that you use latex type gloves and allow the
system water to cool before starting work.

Please keep the housing vertical at all times, because the magnetic element is held in place in the housing by a larger top washer! 

Step 1

Isolate the boiler and turn off the valves on the filter unit,
use a roller tray and an old towel to catch approx 200ml of
water via the drain valve, 220 model

Step 2

Vertical Installations

Loosen off the large valve nut then with a narrow
ended radiator bleed key, fully remove the drain
valve screw (anti-clockwise) direct water into an old plastic
measuring jug or cup. 
Refit the bleed screw when drained, do not overtighten.

Horizontal Installations

Slightly loosen, the larger valve nuts to allow the housing to turn, you can now direct the water into a cup or roller tray. Loosen the nut furthest away from the drain valve first, to allow air into the unit.
Step 3

Once the water has stopped draining, the fittings can be
fully unscrewed and the filter body can be fully removed.

Step 4

Over a sink, hold the housing vertically and rotate slowly through 180 degrees, the magnet will begin to slide out, trap the washer with one hand and lower the magnet down vertically out of the housng, then rotate it so it hangs vertically. Place a disposable bag over the vertically held element and grab around the top of the magnet, through the bag. Slowly slide the bag down the element, forcing the dirt downwards and into the bag, carefully place into the bin. The remainder of the dirt on the element, housing and rubber washers can be carefully washed off with water into the sink.

Step 5

Refit the magnetic element back into the top of the housing, ensure 
the drain bleed screw is nipped up, the two rubber
gaskets are in place and that the product label is readable.
Tighten the larger valve nuts onto the 48mm filter housing nuts. Open one valve slightly and check the filter for leaks. The top valve nut, if fitted vertically can be loosened momentarily to bleed air from the housing.

Technical Specifications

Total Length:     Pro 120 = 275mm, Pro 220 = 375mm

Magnet:             Neodymium, rare earth, rod type, high
                           power industrial grade. (NdFeB)

Housing:            Copper and Brass BS6920.

Pressure:           Maximum 10 Bar (145psi)
                          nominal working pressure  1-3 bar

Temperature:     Maximum 120°C,  Ambient 80°C.

Flow Area:         Valves = 340mm sq, Small Magnet Washer = 410mm sq, 
                          Fully Loaded Magnet = 525mm sq,
                          (Zero flow restriction, tested using Grundfos 6m head pump)

Guarantee:          Materials and workmanship 7 years.

• Flow through the Pipefilter may be in either direction 
and it may also be installed vertically or horizontally.

• Will not block or restrict flow

• Reduces heating bills, maintenance costs, extends boiler lifetime, provides ongoing protection.

• Use caution when cleaning if you have a pacemaker, ensure the
  magnetic element is kept away from all electrical devices, mobile phones
  computers and bank cards. 



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