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Copper or Plastic

Why choose a Copper/Brass filter


The Johnson Pipefilters are super smart, slimline and ultra reliable, their high performance, expected lifespan and simplicity make them quite unlike any other central heating magnetic filter.

Plastic is derived from oil and it's properties change dependant upon time and temperature.

Copper and brass posses higher quality engineering properties, they are more expensive to buy and manufacture because they can work at higher temperatures and pressures they are trusted and preferred as a better choices of materials for plumbing, they are widely respected in the heating trade.

We set out to make a brilliant filter for long term use, not just a few years, time is on your side when you install a Johnson Magnetic Heating Filter.

They are simple to service, and are purposely made with fewer joints than other filters for maximum reliability, you can easily fit a 120 model under a combi boiler in a small kitchen cupboard where space is minimal.

They are extremely dependable and rugged and can be cleaned out and stripped down in minutes with basic plumbing knowledge, over and over again, with extra peace of mind, knowing the strong joints and threads can be tightened up with 100% confidence.

No 'o' rings to worry about or plastic threads to strip by overtightening etc.

KISS Keep it simple

Copper and Brass made to last...

10yrs guarantee, you know copper and brass will last, why settle for anything less with a plastic

We make our filters by hand therefore no two filters will ever be the same, they are bespoke by design with good old fashioned and trusted Great British engineering at the heart of every filter. They will protect your boiler from harmfull black steel sludge and your bank balance from costly breakdowns, repairs and premature boiler failure and replacement and hassle.

We develop simple designs to provide you with ultra reliability, amazing performance and naturally the best value for money, supplied with top quality Altecnic (full flow) butterfly brass ball valves they can take the heat, for years.

Every filter is handcrafted and individually soldered using traditional plumbing techniques and craftsmanship, specifically constructed from reliable copper, brass and stainless steel to give you reliable, long term, high performance that you can depend on, day in, day out, for many, many years and decades to come.

Magnetic heating filters are simply great news, all heating systems should have one, I never cease to be amazed at all the sub micron steel particulate and sludge (magnetite) they manage to trap and capture as the water flows through them.

Large magnets are expensive, ours have large surface areas and are high temperature rated, unlike many others our filters can to be fitted into the hotter flow pipework. Sometimes you just can't get to a return pipe easily!

The magnetic elements are precision made by a trusted and respected UK international company with over 50 years of technical know how and material sourcing expertise for the medical, food processing, electrical goods and motor vehicle component world.

We only use high quality components and are constantly developing the range to suit our particular customer needs, many deserting from failed and leaky plastic units. British Gas for example, used to fit Plastic/Nylon filters but experienced leakage problems and so turned to a non-dosable Brass filter design. We have recently developed 6 Jarfilter designs like the market leading brands, only better! Being made from Brass, Brass and Copper or Stainless Steel, they will last more than twice as long and offer greater reliability, they also have the same dosable jar type chemical options of 500ml and 1000ml with a drain plug. A large high performance neodymium rod magnet is very quick and easy to clean to complement some great features. We did not want to make a filter which has to be cleaned by flushing it out or a dry pocket type, because this will flush the rust inhibitor solution away and weaken the concentration and protection, the sludge does seem to bake on and pull hard onto the magnet sleeve over months of capture, making it hard to clean well without going into the unit to manually clean it. If the sleeve is not moulded well it could spring a leak in time, watch this space for our new quality filter range.

The Pipefilter Range has been made to appeal to wiser homeowners, engineers, housing associations and councils who are looking for the best value for money filter, offering high performance, longevity, reliability and strength to compliment a dependable installation. Nothing can compete, if you have a long term strategy and money saving aim, we offer the best value for money reliable central heating filters.

We design, test, specify, order and inspect all components, the copper and brass magnet housings are cut, deburred, soldered, washed, tapped, buffed, cleaned, labelled, assembled and packaged all by hand. Each filter is individual and tough and weighs around 1.3kg/120 or 1.5kg/220 and are a pleasure to handcraft in our workshops. 

We are also fully insured and have product liability insurance for your peace of mind etc.

How to clean the Pipefilter

Having fewer joints than other filters means, lower leakage risk. Just clean them out once a year during the boiler annual service by turning of the valves and simply removing the magnet housing or sleeve and rotate it, till the magnet slides out, then place the magnet vertically into a plastic bag and hold the top element washer in one hand and  wrap the other hand around the top of the element, drag the dirt off, in a downwards action and into the plastic bag, place it in a suitable bin.

Now give the stainless steel magnetic element, brass and copper housing and rubber Grundfos type washers a good rinse under the tap. Replace the housing, washers and tighten the large valve nuts back onto the filter body, check the drain valve is closed and open both valves, done. Air can be bled from the unit via a larger valve nut by momemtarily loosening it.

Copper and brass are trusted, respected and proven to be the best materials for central heating systems and are used throughout the heating industry worldwide. Their mechanical properties are superior to nylons and plastics especially over time, their demand and mechanical performance qualities are reflected by their high value and cost of raw material.

copper and brass...made to last, buy the best!



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