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Central Heating Filters

The Pipefilters are a smart, reliable, premium quality central heating magnetic filter and are handcrafted from trusted copper and brass. They have been designed to last for decades, providing stress free heating system dirt removal, reliable boiler protection, great looks and simple fitting in tight spaces.

We have chosen the best quality plumbing materials to create the best long-term solution to protect your boiler and home from unwanted black steel dirt, leaks, expensive repairs, worries and hassle.

We now provide a leading 10yr guarantee as standard and expect decades, not just a few years, of reliable, dependable service from all of our slimline, hand-made, high performance, Pipefilter models.

Why fit or specify a lower value plastic, glass filled nylon filter, with only a few years guarantee. For such as councils and housing associations it may not be the best choice for long-term stress free boiler protection, think value for money, fewer joints, better reliability, less long term hassle.

Copper and brass are guaranteed to last, the best reliability and value for money by years, time is on your side when you fit a Johnson Pipefilter.

Backed by our 30 day money back guarantee, for extra peace of mind, feel the quality for yourself, we have sold thousands with no come backs!


Over time, the polymers change in glass filled nylon when heat, cooling and moisture are it.