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The Pipefilter - Pro Series


Dear Sirs

Thank you for visiting our simple online store and I hope you find it interesting and informative. I am Neil Johnson Plumber and Registered Gas Heating Engineer with over 30 years of plumbing, heating, hydraulics and pneumatics experience.

As a plumber/heating engineer and installer of many heating systems and plastic (glass filled nylon) central heating filters. I felt there was an opportunity to make a more superior range of heating system filters, that could be better quality, more reliable, last longer, look smarter, be easily repairable, offer longer guarantees and be well made from the best heating system materials notably, trusted copper and brass - made to last!

Our Pro Series Pipefilters are all hand made in Great Britain, they are slimline, and truely inline! they are the smartest looking of all filters and fit perfectly in small spaces such as under and over boilers and have been manufactured to be recognized as a premium quality central heating filter. You can fit them to any domestic heating system that has 22,28,35 or 42mm pipework in no time at all, with basic knowledge and a few t pieces for the larger pipework, to divide the flow. They can be fitted in parallel like a garden fork head, when installed on larger heating systems in bigger homes, guest houses etc using larger than 22mm pipework and still look very smart, be super reliable and dependable when the heat is on for many years to come.

We are also launching a "Jarfiter" range of 4 filters for faster and easier dosing and cleaning like other brands only made from more premium materials, offering higher performance via a gauze/mesh filter for proper non - magnetic water borne debris removal, guaranteed to last longer and be "better value" in the long term.

They are perfectly suited for Councils, Housing Associations, Private Landlords and Installers who are looking for a magnetic heating filter that will stand the test of time and perform for many years, trouble free, whilst at the same time deliver great sludge removal performance you can trust. Every joint, o ring and fitting is a possible leak point, so we designed our filters to be simple and have very few! 

Our filters provide hassle and leak free, low cost boiler and heating system protection, with great long term guarantees.

If you’re an engineer at heart or just clever and are looking for a super reliable heating filter that will perform, year after year, then look no further, we can offer you a fantastic product with less long term hassle, plastic is just cheap and not in the same class.


Copper and brass...made to last!

Yours kindly


Neil Johnson

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